Reviews | No 5909

SoundStage!Solo: ...The N⁰ 5909s’ features, the comfort, and the app...and the noise canceling is fantastic — something that’s almost never true of noise-canceling headphones from the storied brands of the audio biz.

I sure didn’t see this coming. Not just because the N⁰ 5909 headphones are the first to wear the Mark Levinson brand, but they’re also priced about twice as high as the next-most-expensive set of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones.

Certainly, if you’re going to sell a $999 (all prices USD) set of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, it wouldn’t hurt for them to wear the Mark Levinson brand—in fact, the N⁰ 5909s are, by far, the least-expensive product the company sells. And Mark Levinson’s a Harman brand, so whoever designed these headphones could tap into the expertise of the team that produced the Harman curve. In fact, they’re said to have the tightest adherence to the Harman curve—which I assume means the “Harman curve lovers” variant, which is the most common.




These are high-end headphones with a price tag to match.


Meet The New Mark Levinson No. 5909 Headphones