Hi-Fi news: Mark Levinson № 515: long-awaited debut deck!

When Mark Levinson wanted a turntable to partner its vinyl-friendly № 523 and № 526 preamplifiers it turned to fellow US brand VPI for help with the mechanical design.

Precedents are not hard to find for collaborations such as this alliance between Mark Levinson and VPI. You can go all the way back to the Tandberg-badged Thorens TD-150s of 50 years ago, or look to current efforts such as the Clearaudio-made Mclntosh turntables or the plethora of machines Pro-Ject produces for others. The bottom line is that - like Mac's decks - the £10,000 Mark Levinson No515 is not a case of badge- engineering: it's an all-new model that happens to be made for them by VPI.

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